• "I had no idea what to do after I was laid off from construction. My career report listed things I had never considered doing before now. Today, I schedule & coordinate distribution for an office supply company. This has been a great move.
    - Ben C., Distribution Manager
  • Selecting the right person is critical in our business. We cannot afford hiring mistakes. The Birkman results show us things about people we would never discover in an interview.
    - Jolisa M., Director, Financial Svcs Co.
  • The list of "Biggest Mistakes People can Make with Me" is soooo accurate! It explains my problem working on a team. I have some work to do.
    - Eugene B., Software Developer
  • My results helped me see more choices and why I can be good at them. I am finally getting more excited about what I want to do and what I am passionate about.
    - Josh H., Student
  • The list of jobs opened my eyes to new possibilities. Sales was not working for me. I had never considered accounting before. It seemed hard at first, now it's just "what I do"!
    - Natalie C., Accounting Intern
  • "We were encouraging Brian to go into medicine despite his reservations. After reviewing his results, Brian enrolled in an aircraft maintenance program. He is thriving! I am so glad he’s not struggling with pre-med."
    -Dana B., Mom
  • "This thing really creeps me out! How can it know me that well?"
    - Tom O., High School Student
  • "I was laid off and just could not get over it. These reports helped me see what I could be good at. I also saw some things about myself that were holding me back." This is worth a hundred times more than $39."
    - Steve M., Service Manager
  • "I was amazed at the accuracy of the results they came up with for me. "I find the information gained useful in both my personal life and my work. I encourage anyone, especially those who are uncertain about their career or who are in leadership, to check it out."
    - Bob C., Pastor
  • "Seeing my College & Career Report was what prompted my re-evaluation of what I thought I wanted to do. Now, I am so happy that I checked out new possibilities. I have a great job that makes me very happy."
    - Susan R., College Grad

Be Right On Target!

With Answers by FocusFinder

Comprehensive career and personality assessment

Job Seekers and Students
Supercharge Job Search and Career Planning

- Discover and put Your STRENGTHS to work for you.
- Know what types of  jobs or careers would be best for you.
- Know what work environments will enable you to thrive, not just survive.
- Know potential issues  that could have a negative impact on your career

Employers and Business Owners
Reduce Your Risks of Hiring the Wrong Person

- Identify and hire people with the Strengths Your Business Needs
- Know what types of work the job candidate is best suited for before hiring them.
- Understand how the candidate reacts to stress and responds to authority.
- Know how this candidate communicates and seeks to influence others
- Get insights into what motivates the candidate.
- Reduce the risks of disrupting your business by hiring someone who doesn’t fit.

Focus Finder provides answers to:

  • What are your STRENGTHS, what you may do extremely well.
  • What jobs are the Best Fits?
  • What things am I interested in and how will this affect my work?

Deal with issues that can MAKE or BREAK you on the job:

  • What is my approach to dealing with people?
  • What are my natural leadership strengths?
  • How do I describe my  approach to solving problems?
  • How does stress affect my performance?
  • What really ticks me off?
  • What  motivates me on a job?

Refine Your Focus with Answers by FocusFinder.com

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The Birkman Method


The Birkman Method

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BIRKMAN measures productive behaviors, stress behaviors, underlying needs, motivations and organizational orientation. It maximizes human potential and achieves results that are both superior and sustainable.

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