About Focus Finder:

Focus Finder is provided and supported by the Bellomy Consulting Group, Inc.

Our purpose is the help people get a clearer picture of the true  contribution potential they have in today’s turbulent job and career marketplace. Too many people attempt to just find a job without considering what type of work they could be most successful at.  They  have no idea as to the impact their personality has on their work resulting in lower productivity, higher job dissatisfaction and wasted lives.   Many “free” assessments provide interest and job match information.  Focus Finder results go far beyond that!  We  use the scientifically proven BIRKMAN Method® to project not only most likely job success matches but to provide personality impact statements regarding  factors that will affect  long-term job satisfaction and cultural fit within an organization.

About The Birkman Method®:

Birkman brings more than 50 years of proven experience in executive assessment, personality research and the effective correlation of personal characteristics to career success.   See BIRKMAN Client List

The Birkman Method® accurately measures productive behaviors, underlying needs and motivations, stress behaviors and organizational orientation. Application of The Birkman Method® enables higher levels of performance for individuals, teams and organizations and reduces stress behaviors. As a result, you can maximize the performance of the most important organizational asset – people.

Until recently, the power of The Birkman Method® was only available through certified  coaches and consultants. The legacy Birkman reporting and facilitated feedback is the premier executive and professional assessment. As a certified Birkman Method® consultants, we routinely use Birkman to help executive and professional clients chart successful career paths that focused on their unique strengths and contribution talents.  Birkman Career Consulting  costs a client $450 – $1000 for reports and related coaching.   Through Focus Finder, the proven power of The Birkman Method® is made available in a  “self interpretive” format to a larger audience at an incredible cost value.  Our hope is that this information will help people build stronger lives, stronger businesses and stronger communities through purposeful work.  This is of critical importance in this season of economic uncertainty.